Argh, it's April!

I can't believe it's already April. No backing off, and let's make it rain FROGS! And in actual fact, it's going to be the case for the rest of the week - if not frogs, leeches.

One and a half more month before the tree in front of our house starts blooming. In 2003, it practically failed to do so - I'm not sure of the reason: maybe a winter too cold, or, once-in-a-lifetime, a tree decides to skip a year? Anyhow, it bloomed in '04, and apparently too in '05. Nothing like watching the sakuras in a public park in Tokyo (it would've been nice if this year was last year - as the sakuras bloomed a week or so ahead of schedule!), but really looking forward to the Botanical Garden's o-hanami (this time, I will ensure to smuggle some sake in). Our crabapple tree in May 2002:


The weather in May (of which we seem to get an early mild preview of), leaving wet cement, greening grass in its midst, reminds me inexorably of the all-nighters I used to pull for math and language courses taken during the first summer session. You dare not do it, but once I did walk out at 5AM to get a newspaper. Days are warm, 19C-ish, but right before dawn, temperatures are very chill at 8C-ish, the air, heavy and dense. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't (usually) snow in May - but I've recorded a picture where everything was covered in thick snow on an April 29th (gone the next day):


PS: Wah! And Pizzicato Five, soundtrack of 2002! It's already four years ago. -_-;

[music: Pizzicato Five - Groovy Is My Name]


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