McGill "censorship"

Hmm, in some countries, censorship is certainly a more serious issue than this.

But one of the more famous profs we have at the School of Computer Science, Luc Devroye, (if you went font-hunting one day, you'd end up googling him out) posted a page to scans of the Playboy feature on best party school involving McGill (so that we all finally get to see it for ourselves), and ended up getting his page at McGill yanked out from the domain completely by university authorities and forced to relocate to Carleton (not him, just the page, less the Playboy stuff - see explanation [link removed]). And as my former schoolmate says, "McGill, one of the top ten party schools in North America, and one of the least human administration." It turned out that a PGSS exec (perhaps through a student contact?) initially got wind of the page, and created the situation by asking the dean who asked the dept chair to take down the page.

Anyways, take this as the latest of a number of funny/embarassing anecdotes on McGill...



a.n. said:

The explanation leads to a 404 page now, unfortunately...

smurfmatic said:

Oh man... and my cached version is expired. :/

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