The Lucksmiths - There Is A Boy That Never Goes Out

Hah, I don't know what it's supposed to mean, but I had a part of this song in my head for a few days already, without even knowing how I got it. In fact, I thought it was a song I downloaded myself (even if downloading hasn't been as heavy as it used to be), but it came from a mix entitled "Secretely Smitten" that I got from moderntime. The part that stuck to my nearest memory cache level was the "I woken up on one too many floors // But my favourite was yours". My favourite was yours. From The Lucksmiths, an Australian indie band:

The Lucksmiths - There is a Boy That Never Goes Out



fiona said:

That is my favourite line in the whole song and the one that sticks in my head too. XD

smurfmatic said:

So I suppose there must be something delightfully attractive about sleeping on other people's floor. XD

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