Zongzi and other edible essentials Montreal's Chinatown has to offer

After watching the movie, I met up with Danica, had lunch and did a bit of shopping in Chinatown for the house: a pack of shanghai bok choi, char siu, half a duck and a few rice dumplings (zongzi).

Got the zongzi at a place my grandma recommended, on Clark, in the Furama restaurant building (formerly Taiping and then big-Mingdo), in the basement, more precisely. The zongzi are handmade by someone from outside (from what I understood, not a company), and are $1.50 apiece, cheaper (and much larger) than the frozen ones I bought in TO. They come in green beans or nuts flavour, with of course, the lady assured me, a piece of fat pork. Another thing I discovered last year was soya sauce grades... for zongs, one should use at least a dark soya sauce.

For Chinese cold-cuts, diverged from the usual Hong Kong place on St-Laurent, and went to that one in the building housing Kam Fung restaurant. The char siu wasn't nearly as good (has a smoky sort of taste), but my dad says that the roasted pork (siu yok) is especially good there. I'm not very difficult as to siulap: as long as the char siu's color is not bordering fluo red, and the siu yok's skin is crisp.

We previously ate at the small Cantonese-style eatery across, which is the other place I go to besides Legend (lai tsing) on De La Gauchetiere. Had a salted fish and chicken fried rice, one of my favourite eatery dishes. I don't particularly appreciate salted fish on its own, or steamed with pork and ginger like we do at home, but I do like it in tofu chicken pot and surely in a fried rice. Adds this strong spike of salty. Completed the meal with a plate of steamed veggies, and of course the obligatory milk tea.


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