Wii versus PS3

My first entry for a gaming section will just be to say that all about the Wii since announcing the name-change has been magistral. Grabbing the media, blogosphere attention; and then flashing us repeatedly with the idea that Nintendo is an innovator with its cool controlling devices. Originally, I thought that if I were to invest in the seventh generation of gaming consoles, it'd be the PS3 (for h8 of MS, I am not even seeing the Xbox 360) for its superior firepower. And then I remembered that I skipped the whole PS2/Xbox/GameCube generation, and generally disliked the then high-quality graphics that the PS offered.

The Nintendo seems to rock in the ingenuity department, and that's what I am looking for. Even if FFXIII goes to PS3, there is a pack of cool innovative offererings from the Nintendo camp (just by looking at some recent DS releases like Nintendogs, and the upcoming, super-nice, New Super Mario Bros).

I am also a very nostalgic type of gamer. I have not played anything from the sixth generation of console games (too busy playing computer games, maybe), and am pretty reluctant to play anything like beat-them-ups and fighting games. I like RPGs, but only have like an hour experience on the original FFX (and liked it, despite that it was slow - I'm losing patience with that kind of games, as I age). I probably qualify as a casual gamer, as I really liked my experience with WoW, the first few months when it came out (dropped it completely slightly before my trip, and haven't taken it up again). I've played the SimCity series, and was very much into Civ4 - which require a different kind of patience.

Now I'm thinking that maybe once I get into the new FFs and good RPGs, I would like them so much I wouldn't drop the controller to even eat (which I often did in the days of Xenogears).

Secret of Mana was one of my favourites, because of the cooperative play, the cartoon'ess and the attraction of building up your characters' magic and weapons. I wonder if the new action RPGs are nearly as good (apparently, FF: Crystal Chronicles was teh suck).

And so I like the possibility to download old games on the Wii from the Nintendo library. Also that the design of the thing is sl33k sl33k sl33k (seriously, three stacked DVD cases!).


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