Whoo, signed up

In another one of those lifetime firsts, I signed up with a dragonboat team! :D Now, something to burn all those zhong I consumed during the past week...

Full bloom (Sunday, May 14th)
Indeed this year is a bad bad year for o-hanami. The only time we could sit under the flowering trees with pleasant weather was about the end of last week, and it wasn't so warm at all. If the tree on our front lawn is an indicator for the state of other trees of the sort, then congrats to my lack-of-planning, just missed the o-hanami season. In any case, there will be other flowers (roses in June - perhaps I will make an attempt this year), and other reasons to take a walk at the Botanical Garden.

Il Modo Italiano at Montreal Fine Arts Museum
I went to see Il Modo Italiano at the MBAM. It's really really interesting and eye-flashing. Makes me want to decorate my room with various mid-Century Italian-designed objects (like, 1' by 3' numerical clock, Olivetti typewriters, and the walking Org table) and is just about the right amount of designey input I need for deciding on a color for my room. I was thinking that in the breadth of modern-themed exhibits, there ought to be something on video games art, or digital art (or, throw in mix, Japanese post-WWII design).

Edit: a mix of sun and clouds being forecast for Sunday.


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