El Zaziummm

I knew the El Zaziummm way back in cegep, and haven't been back since (although, I was seized with episodes of deja vu of recently being there - so, man, my mind *already* on its decline). It was still at its old location, three or four addresses closer to Ave. Mont-Royal, quite smaller, but with the same trademark fancily-decorated dining room.

I missed the Beer Fest bout, but still caught up with the guys as they left the Trois Brasseurs, a micro-brewery chain from the north of France with a very aggressive expansion plan in Montreal/Quebec. I went there before on several occasions; their "Flamm" is what stands out from their food menu. It's basically a thin-crust pizza, but they call it "Flamm" and it's from Alsace, and I throw a guess that the original recipe is far from what Trois Brasseurs serves (despite all this, it isn't bad at all, when washed down with a very large tasty beer, and a typical resto-bar with plenty of flat-panel TVs).

One recognizes the El Zaziummm by its giant shark figure bursting out on Park Avenue. Indoors, many tables (as many as the old Zaz had) are in fact a shallow glass-covered compartments filled with sand, Latin American bills and random Spanish-language newspaper clippings. There's even a bathtub at one end of the room, which serves as a low table to rest your sangria or margarita upon (and formerly, ashtrays).

I took the simplest, cheapest on the menu and later regretted it. It was a boring burger that goes by the original name of "El Zaziummm" which I could've got at any similar resto-bar (10$) (I didn't pay attention to the names of the various items on the menu, but they basically all had playful, occasionally Mexican-American-themed, denominations). Many of my buddies present (we were a group of 9 or 10 grown-up mostly men) shared Menus for Two, which were huger-than-you-can-eat portions, which included a sort of paella served with a plastic sandbox shovel (in primary colors!).

It was again one of those nights where I didn't feel like tasting my food. I sampled the nachos with guacamole/salsa/sourcream served in a nacho shell, a cooled-down roll-it-yourself fajitas set, and the paella with the shovel. My conclusion was that, if you are looking for a place to chill out with friends, then the El Zaziummm is great (the decoration, a terrasse on a busy street, and slow service, such that you will try to fill empty moments with Southern drinks), but of course if you are looking for Mexican food, go to some place like Le Coin du Mexique (in fact, I'm surely stating the obvious).

That said, I really really miss exploring Montreal's gastronomical diversity...



xanawu said:

mmm, flammkuchen! that's awesome, I've only ever had it in germany (and yes, near alsace)... guess I'll have to check out the zaziummm sometime.

btw, I really enjoy reading about your meanders to different restos in montreal (but maybe that's just my good ol' chinese obsession with food...) ;)

smurfmatic said:

Oh no, not at the Zaziummm, but at Les Trois Brasseurs! (i admit this entry's a helluva meander itself)

Glad you appreciate the posts. It's reciprocal. XD

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