Bagels, matzoh and salmon au four

I was on the Plateau Mont-Royal this afternoon, so dropped by Fairmount Bagel to pick up some fresh out of the oven bagels. Unlike bagels you get from the grocery store (or anywhere, if not a bagel shop), those ones are crisp on the outside, doughy on the inside. A Montreal delight at its best (what are those NY bagels anyways?).

At the same time, I got a slab of matzoh, as I was intrigued by the menu sign, again. Got the sesame-covered matzah this time (last time, I believe it was garlic-flavoured), and finally connected the dots, realizing that this was the food item eaten by Jewish people during passover. Rob from CTF, and then non-Jewish people, understandably, occasionally brought some with them as a snack, with a dip too, perhaps. I've seen some at the Cosco last weekend (gawd, they even sell those bamboo-in-a-pot lucky charms), but it came in multi-family pack, so we didn't get it. However, the matzoh I had seemed darker (not white with a roast aspect, but just overall brownish) than the one I usually see. For $1.40 apiece, it's a premium, but definitely worth the try (it has roasted sesame, is slightly salted, and crisp, mmm).

During the weekend, my parents delegated me to cook for the family. I've never been so sollicited for my cooking abilities (:D) in my entire life, as, when I usually want to cook, I simply hijack the kitchen. So, I went for an oven-cooked salmon with lemons and rosemary... which is what it is: in a deep platter for the oven, place a piece of salmon, slices of lemon, rings of onion, salt, just a bit of olive oil to prevent sticking, butter for the taste, fresh rosemary, and water to prevent drying/burning. Put to oven at 400C for about 10-15 minutes, and voila! I chose rosemary, and it could've been tarragon as the herbs packaging suggested for fish, but I always remember the time my aunt used branches of fresh rosemary for a barbecued fish (white-fleshed) in an olive oil marinade that we had a few summers ago, which was so good.



gg said:

I think the NY-style bagels are big and soft and poofy, almost more like a bun than a bagel, whereas Mtl-style ones are true rings, in proper bagel shape. Or is the other way around?

That's cool your post 666 matches up with the date, 06 Jun 06... kind of freaky, huh?

ryc: Alas, didn't make it to M'sia... think it deserves a proper trip of it's own, no? Of course you know how enamoured I was of S'pore too... had to make the most of it ;)

In S'hai now. Very fast, very disorienting. I love it.

smurfmatic said:

Oh, I think you're right... It explains why the bagels we were selling at my mom's Dunkin' Donuts (actually manufactured by Pillsbury at some point) were like you said, puffy, almost like a bun. I guess it's the American take on bagel. OTOH, I frankly prefer the more modest, or rather, dense Montreal bagel.

Glad you're having fun in Shanghai. You make it sound like this etherical HK we always talk about in the West but which I've never experienced, probably because I'm so protected by the familial presence when I go to HK, and that Shanghai is one of the other Chinese cities similar elements of super-consumerism, fast-pacedness of HK. I so want to do Shanghai for real, but that'll probably have to wait next winter...

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