Death by a lot of running, setting-up, and paddling

Today was probably the worse we've overcome this year. We really really need to get in shape for the race (especially the novice like me), and so today our coach applied the shock therapy. First, it was a 3.5km jog, then various drills in 3-minute variants, then 2-minute (quicker) and 1-minute (yet quicker). And _then_ we get to go on the boat: 2x1000m, 2x500m, 2x250m and something like synchronized paddling (keeping your paddle in the air, and follow the pacer's stroke).

I probably said before that I've never been as in shape in my whole life. Well, I'm pushing the limits week after week now (and today, on top of not sleeping for 38 hours straight - b/c I slept too much during the long weekend). I also never thought that I could jog (after failing the jog test during high school, thus registering my only semestrial failure grade - in phys ed, how revealing) and it isn't actually hard with the right shoes.

I better go to bed. (Currently lots of happy exercise chemicals circulating in my body. Tonight, I shine, tomorrow, I'm an undead.)


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