Fantasia '06: Seven Swords

On Thursday night, after the movie finished (a 150 minutes marathon), I jogged to Guy-Concordia metro, and near the gates, upon hearing the arriving metro, sprinted down the escalator, and entered the metro wagon head-first (the doors closed three to five seconds later). All this jogging does indeed pay off. XD I then catched the 211 by one minute, and my father graciously picked me up at the stop of the second bus (which was done for the day, as it was 1AM when I got to Beaconsfield).

There were only a handful of late movies I saw at Fantasia, non-car situation and suburban place of residency obliges. A notable film that finished well into midnight was The Eye, the 2002 hit that was premiered in Montreal at Fantasia '03, and, if I remember correctly, had only one showing during the whole festival.

It was pretty full, but far from being a full house. I remember having to squeeze between full rows of people in the middle top section. I sort of expect commercial HK movies to be fuller than usual, b/c, not only do they draw usual Fantasia fans, but they also draw people like me five years ago, who would go to Fantasia only for the occasional commercial Asian film. Similarly, I believe that My Sassy Girl @ Fantasia '03 was quite a hit too for non-genre Fantasia viewers (now, I'm having a doubt: did I dl it, or did I actually go to the theatre room, or both?).

My first Fantasia movie was in 1999, and an old Stephen Chow film. The HK flicks remain my favourite, and annual must-see. If I had been around last year, I would've certainly seen One Nite In Mongkok and Breaking News. So basically, Seven Swords did not escape that rule.

Despite mitigated reviews from friends, the movie ended being not bad at all. It was very very long, and I heard it was originally three hours long. The reduction to 150 minutes was exactly where the movie lost a few feathers. I thought the pace was way too quick from the start of the movie until the attack on the Fire-Wind's castle. If you are into non-stop action for an hour straight, then this movie is for you! Otherwise, it seems to me as if a three hours film would've been better for digestion.

Also, being in a specialized audience probably helps. One might be sitting alone at his seat, but is never alone with hundreds of similarly-wired geeks in the theater. If you were at home watching Leon Lai's cheesy cue lines, then probably you were lol'ing with the rest of them at the Hall Theatre.

The ending hints at a sequel or, err, a saga. XD


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