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HK Magazine has a website. I've known about it for just a few months, but still... quite my favourite read, with the SCMP Sunday Magazine.

Half my family is leaving for HK tomorrow morning.

I'm happy that my brother finally gets to go to HK. I hope he goes light-hearted. Hong Kong is probably the last place you want to be if you want a "relaxing" vacation, but it is the place where his friends are (or will be, when cousins join them next week). I hope he sees it all, gets a good culture shock, and comes back with plenty of stories to tell.

My mother had been counting on me, asking me Qs on HK, etc. It's rewarding. It's interesting to have HK as the "second place in the world where one spent the longest time". I hope she sees HK a bit differently this time. She hasn't been back since 1999.



a.n. said:

Oh yeah, I've got your HK Magazines -- they're coming via sea, since I've got most of my stuff coming by sea shipment.

smurfmatic said:

Thanks! ^^;

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