Maison de la nouille

Doesn't sound much better in Chinese (in pinyin, roughly, fan mian zi/qi jia). It's the Chinese restaurant owned by a Chinese-Cambodian couple on De Maisonneuve, near St-Marc, and near the little Taiwanese eatery. Went there tonight, and asked them what we could get that was sort of Cambodian Chinese, and the lady served us a delicious red curry chicken stew. The curry sauce (appropriately hot, coconut milk based, and with some basil leaves scattered in it) was absolutely great on the rice. Portion was tiny, but alright expensive. Also had a plate of inconsequential beef in shallots/ginger, and some tung choy ("hollow veggies") - all veggies cooked at the restaurant is better, b/c they have the firepower for it.

$25 for two, with tips and taxes. Rice incl.


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