meh (3)

My uncle and cousin are en route to HK, and my aunt and other cousin are to follow through (in some weird seat picking, my uncle wanted first-class, but he had to leave separately from my aunt).

Slowly depleting of family members in Mtl. The house is very quiet without my mom. My grandmother (who lives with my uncle) keeps on joking that I should cook coq au vin for them. To me, coq au vin is just a few chicken pieces, carrots onions, garlic and a bunch of herbs. Usually we only use thyme, and it has sunk in as the "default taste" when I cook Western stews. I planted marjoram, from that time I made duck. I should get my ass to the Jean-Talon market and grab a few herbs that are good with chicken.


It's very quiet. Sort of uninspired all of a sudden.


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