Fantasia '06 (Re-Cycle)

Can't help but spoilerize.

Hmm. Not a bad movie at all. In fact, if you come into the theatre w/o prior knowledge of the plot, besides, oh, it's got plenty of CG stuff, and it's about somehow exploring one's imagination, then you're really really up for a happy moment as soon as the ride begins. Approved.

Last Fantasia movie, unless they draw a bunny from their hats like it happened in past years. There is actually a decent-sounding last-minute addition (albeit diagonally read review), but clearly for students, and a limited number of students, as it is shown at friggin' 3PM tomorrow at JA De Seve. Yeah, and I'll probably catch a few ones at Cinema Du Parc before it closes down forever. Man, I've seen this cinema since I've been a young kid whose grandma lives nearby.

As for Re-Cycle:

1- It's Pro-Life.
2- Your imagination is a freaky thing.
3- Hmm, wasn't that in yesterday's movie already?
4- of course it's Pro-Life, when the daughter you didn't have is just so fabulously adorable.
5- Pay your respects.

The title in Chinese actually means something like hell, says Wee. Did not verify with him after the movie, nor with Google, but I'll trust it's that.


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