Funky Forest: The First Contact (DVD)

Ha-ha, I knew I would make that sort of mistake.

It said "Making" on the Yesasia page, and so it was a making-of DVD... I mean, who the fuck sells making-of DVD without the real movie nowadays. Well, the Japanese do!

So, I'm stuck with a Japanese-language-exclusive DVD of Funky Forest (Nice no Mori). Who wants it for, umm, $20 negotiable? :P

Actually, I am the stupid one, b/c I misunderstood (obviously) that the release date (2006/03/25) was for *cinemas*, not on DVD.

As far as I know, HK's window of time for cinema release to DVD release is about the quickest, with about a month and a half.

At least there's Durian Durian. My boss passed me a DVD of The Corporation.

... Re-actually, I really really don't know what I'm talking about, b/c this implies it came out before Aug 2005?

Proper film DVD is nowhere to be found.


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