Friday night stroll

Hmm, let's see. After work, I had nothing planned, so quite out of the blue, decided to walk down St-Laurent. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, perfectly humid, etc, etc. I was at first going to do the usual Ste-Cath path, but thought it might be more interesting to do a segment of St-Laurent, starting from the Mile End, and crossing down the Plateau, all the way to the McGill ghetto.

One notable stop was the Andes grocery store, which is also a small cafeteria serving various recognizable latino-american fast food. I got myself a plate of two pork pupusas, which didn't look hot, were somewhat soggy-appearing, but which were surely enough the right temperature and consistency after cutting in them. I think pupusas are strange, not only because of their name (first exposure: "what, we're going to eat small squealing animals/insects?"), but because they look familiar (like small tortillas), yet not something that's widely popularized in the mainstream media (unlike tacos, fajitas). With coleslaw topping, and the hottest of both sauces, it made for a deceivingly filling dinner for $4.99. It's on St-Laurent, two or three houses south of Mont-Royal.

Second stop was at Cocorico, the Rotisserie, not for chicken, but for some natas. I got myself only one, thinking that it was overpriced (90 cents, plus tax, each) and that I could find another place that's a bakery and made them fresh, like, everyday. I recall Karen saying something about an address on Pine for natas, but alas, did not bloody explore. After hesitating for a bit, I finally decided against also getting ice cream from Ripples, just across. Now compensating by finishing off remainder of pistachio and hazelnut "oriental" (with rose water flavouring) ice cream from Adonis.

I then stopped by my grandmother, who was a bit more energetic, at some point making it known that young people eat unhealthy food, to which I counter that I am seriously looking out for my sugars and fats.

Then, kept going, and walked the rest of the way towards Guy-Concordia metro, where I set sail for home (while purchasing the Civ4 expansion on the way). Boring, isn't it?


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