Awesomeness from Asia

So yeah, my brother came back from Asia, and with him, a few tees from UniQlo. They are quite... interesting. Japanese-language print, and upon checking the stuff up on the web (one of the two actually had a website address inscribed on them), I found out it probably came from a collection of tees with ancient corporate logos. Yeah, they are logos and design from old companies, a fishing bait one, and a rice vinegar one.

In fact, that's the collection it came from. Willing pay to be walking ads for random companies...



k. said:

Yeah, I have a green Iams one from Uni-Qlo too -- I can wear it in HK, but not in NA

smurfmatic said:

Yeah, I wore the vinegar one to work on Monday, and nobody pointed it out, so I guess it's pretty ok. Maybe I pass for a FOB? I'll see when I wear the other one which is clearly off-norms (goes down the hips, high around neck... and bait feathers flying 'round XD).

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