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I rarely do this sort of thing, but metros, how can I resist? It's from Metros from the world. Seriously, there's something attractive about this activity. Of course, it's to say "oh I've been to this city!", but subways are the foreign daily life cool that, if you're in a certain category of tourist, will want to do. Idem for supermarkets and cinemas, and beaches.
Can't not backpack on the next trip to China. It does not make sense for someone who prides himself for being adventure/indie-friendly to be constrained by pre-packaged tours. Nonsense. Just so much nonsense. I want to do... Xinjiang, Yunnan, perhaps Tibet in train if not prohibitively expensive (even for a foreigner? you never know nowadays...), and other such places like Taiwan and Korea, and maybe back to Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore, and going to Thailand. Phew. That's a lot to fit in a limited schedule, right? Ha-ha, my Winamp on shuffle, there's a song called "Bus Bus" by HK's The Pancakes synthesizer one-girl band, with samples of bus sounds/distant conversations and beeps straight from the Octopus card machine. :P


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