Red red tomatoes

There was so much traffic on St-Laurent after work today that I decided to jump off the bus in Little Italy, and make a hook by the Jean-Talon market to fetch a basket of tomatoes which I knew were on sale for very cheap. It was 20-ish crimson red Italian tomatoes for $2.50 (I think the large basket, large enough to make tomato sauce for a gathering of 30-something people must've been even cheaper).

I took ten to make a tomato sauce (with leaves of basil, and coarsely-chopped garlic), and improvised bruschetta (Toasted slice of Première Moisson Belgian bread, with a mix of the tomatoes, basil and olive oil...). With the congee (and random fruits) I ate for the rest of the day, am definitely sure I have my high-carbs for tomorrow. :D

Fridays along the St-Laurent are so fantastically pleasant, especially on days like today (back up to 29ºC, yes).

My mother's back from HK tomorrow night, which also means that after three months w/o a camera, I'll once again be able to photo-spam the www.

My boss insists that emacs is for n00bs, and that I should learn vi. Hm, vi.

(Convulsions from eating too much... reminds me of a few years ago, also with pasta and the cooked fresh tomatoes sauce. There's probably a lot of expansion involved. Last time, I literally passed out on the couch, thinking that I'd die there.)


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