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The rookie camp's starting on Sept 8th, but I won't give more damn than the usual alright fan. Except that I caught news that my homophone (at least the first name) C├ędrick Desjardins, who won the Memorial Cup with the Remparts last year, and who went undrafted, got an AHL contract with the Bulldogs, the Habs' farm team. There were no news whatsoever, not the least of fanfare. That he went undrafted is already very surprising (perhaps because the draft has been reduced by two or three rounds a few years ago?). I would want to wonder how a young man can evolve when his junior coach was probably the best goalie of his time... And while all people around praised his performance during the final (where he stopped 46 of 48 shots, but also gave up two quick goals in the third with a lead of four goals), no one seemed to wonder that he went undrafted or why he went undrafted. I'd guess there's a question of size, character, and comparable talent in the draft. Anyways, I'm not a scout, but I gotta cheer for homophones wherever I find them (and the dude is, what, sixth or seventh goalie in the organization? ... besides, does an AHL contract even mean that he's attached to the team, somehow?).

And I want to think that being a good goalie is mostly mental, and that whatever tutelage Patrick Roy gave would be a big boost... I mean, who at this age gets to be on the side of a four-time cup winner?

All that to introduce that I got a brochure for Canadiens ticket plans. Man, it's expensive - but not so much for Molson Ex section (22$) or Saputo's "family" section (23$). With service charges, it's around 30$, and quite affordable if you don't have a rent to pay. :D

I realized that individual tickets only go on sale on September 16th (at least one can be sure that the two latter sections are still up for grabs by then). I really want to catch the games for the Flames (Oct 17th), Oilers (Nov 7th) and Canucks (Jan 16th), all on Tuesdays, and fill the gaps with either Sens or Leafs games on any given Saturday.


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