The Usual

I cooked tonight, to the displeasure of my mother, ha-ha. I guess I didn't know how it felt to be exhausted after work and having to cook for a whole family, until tonight. There were the evenings this summer with my dad when I actually came home for dinner, and cooked, which gave me a taste of what it was, or what it could be, to totally not have the energy, but yet finding some, b/c you'd literally run out of it otherwise...

So, I couldn't be bothered, and cooked linguine with some of the tomatoes from the large box my parents got from Jean-Talon market this Saturday. Part of that box is supposedly for me to make tomato sauce in jars, which I can then give to relatives and friends (my uncle said that after I got fed up from the sauce-making, he'll come over to take one). I don't know how it'll actually turn out. I'll need lots of garlic, and a pot of basil I pick up from Jean-Talon market some day after work if I feel like it (they're so tall, even the 6$ ones).

For tonight, I added Italian sausages and zucchini, but it isn't standard. Should be tomatoes + garlic + olive oil + basil, and I should put some effort in peeling the tomatoes.

Mom kept on complaining about the sausages and everything being too raw, but I think it was subconscious payback for criticizing her Chinese aubergine + pork dish yesterday, or not having control on the food-making.

Had long meeting with client, which was satisfying for the part I was responsible of. Then went back to the office and coded not much like mad. It's always like that: not much, madly. Want to finish it now. The problem with computers - you can never get away from your work. At least, something is working, and I can actually do something that at the beginning of the day thought of leaving to my more-experienced/more-booked colleague.


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