So there is a conveyor belt sushi place in Montreal

And bingo, it's near Concordia... Take the metro to Guy-Concordia, exit on Guy Street, cross the street to the west side of Guy, walk up north, and turn on Lincoln, where there is this Arabic restaurant with a French name and the Dollar shop owned by Chinese people. This place is called "Fusion Sushi". It's one room with a conveyor belt sushi bar with, indeed, plates of sushi going around the isle. If the prices are the ones written at the door, then the prices are alright, but not exactly affordable. One will actually have to try - but we'd certainly be going for the conveyor belt, not the actual sushi.

(What I meant to say was that 1- the prices were decent for sushi, but then, conveyor belt sushi I had was always cheaper, b/c went in places where it isn't considered fancy-thus-should-be-relatively-more-expensive, or where you buy a lot with your CAD, and that 2- the restaurant is a counter with a circular conveyor belt, and it was a bit more than half-empty on a Tuesday evening, which I consider to be quite decent. Don't know, but I'd go on a Thu, Fri, Sat, per rule of freshest-during-weekends.)


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