Music of the moment!

I've been listening a lot of the Moshi Moshi International compilation. Moshi Moshi is an UK-based label with a lot of really sweet and sour independent music with artists naming their songs with such inspired titles as "Just Because I Liked You In The Summertime (It Doesn't Mean I Want You To Be Mine)" or, my favourite "I've Got The Password To Your Shell Account" ("put my compsci skills to work // engineered your logon word").

Also, from the other side of the planet, Nan Quan Ma Ma, a boys + one girl band from Taiwan. The first two songs on the album I have (Color Palette) is a one-two punch. I catch only parts of the lyrics, b/c my Chinese is highly incompetent, more incompetent than other self-incompetent-thinking people might think. So, 01-Tonight is evocative of a first date, both participants hopeful, with soft tropical overtones. 02-Talk To Her is a bit more subtle is evocative of some sort of malaise between the participants, period of adjustment in their level of communication (or, that there's a secret). Some of the other tracks really turn me off as boringly generic Chinese pop, however.

Seemed like the McGill pool started to play music *underwater* this semester (which is, turning the balance so that you can only hear the music clearly when your head's underwater). I think it was Emily Haines' new album this Tuesday!


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