Nouveau cinema film fest + International Multimedia Prix Möbius

Tonight, by Radio-Canada's website, I was reminded that it was the Nouveau Cinema festival time of the year. I don't recall if I went last year... hmm, wait a second, yeah, I did (I went to see, um, Lie With Me - in 2004, it was the infamous Nine Songs, and also the FFVII "extended trailer").

In any case, I've never been to the second event, but the premise sounds interesting: a multimedia art competition + video games, and apparently "CD-ROM and DVD" too. I know that the SAT frequently organizes montages and exhibits, but it's always a tad intimidating. Du 13 au 15 octobre.

More notably, the Nouveau Cinema film festival. The website is not up yet, but at least *they* know where they're putting their money (in good looks - design for the Nouveau Cinema has always been superior, or at least more appealing to types like me). I've found something whilst doing URL guessing, but at this stage, it's still using last year's contents. 35th anniversary? Du 18 au 28 octobre.

So, I was a fan of Images du Futur, when it ran every summer when I was around 10 years old (I was fascinated with it, desperately wanted my parents to take me there every year). It seems like a lot my interests only took an obsessive statute with a support to give me the impression that I am talking with somebody, like, Asian cinema, or food. I recall that my father always said of me, when I was a kid, that I didn't eat to live, but rather lived to eat. I always sporadically cooked since trying to mimic my mother's creamy macaroni with ham at age 9, but have not developed a go-getter attitude with regards to food and restaurants until four or five years ago. Would seem that life's just more interesting when you make an effort, and pay attention to the things around you that you always took for granted.



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