Nouveau Cinema film fest or the 'might as well write a full entry on it' entry

(I updated the links since this was posted. They now point to the festival's official website. Already, I won't be able to see Invisible Waves or Peter Pan Formula, b/c of work. With one showing only, I think Paprika will indeed be a grab.)

- Paprika (Satoshi Kon).
- Invisible Waves (Pen-Ek Ratanaruang). Which is sort of interesting, b/c it has the same cast/crew than Last Life In The Universe.
- Tachigui : the amazing lives of the Fast-food grifters (Mamoru Oshii).
- Linda, Linda, Linda (Nobuhiro Yamashita).
- I don’t want to sleep alone (Tsai Ming-liang). And I'm probably a masochist, if I go see this.
- The Peter Pan Formula (Chang-ho Cho).

Six ticks for $50 ($8.33 per tick, versus the $9 student rate, or $12 adult rate). Tickets on sale next Saturday.


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