"Chinese Cuisine"

Cuisine chinoise

I saved the napkin, and it was totally worth my $7-something for a sub-par General Tao chicken dinner at Tiki-Ming, Place Industrielle-Alliance. The rice was dry, lukewarm, the cabbage was cabbage, and the chicken really really seemed like it had been left there for the whole day on the counter (rubber-like, below the appearance of crunch).

I never paid attention to how General Tao chicken could be prepared in a fast-food restaurant. It'd seem that food joints equipped with woks will fry together the (chilled) fried chicken along with the sweet and sour slimy potentially ketchup-based "General Tao" sauce.

I will not talk about my ideological disagreements with General Tao chicken. It also touches Won Ton that don't contain shrimp and have like ten layers worth of skin.

The last time I had it there, on lunch hour during a week day (a nice sunny day of September), the meal was pretty much closer to the best one can get of that stuff. But, duh, fast food is always better during the rush hour.


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