That's why I'm I a softie

I'm downloading an i386 version of Ubuntu Edgy. My X has been dead for about two weeks, and I've run out of ideas to fix it. Teh Google says nothing about the log errors, and any sort of obliterating reinstall of the ATI driver (fglrx) doesn't seem to work. I conclude that I probably did something wrong when installing fglrx manually, like in, not with something like apt-get. And my reputation as a Linux dork is suffering. There's no reason not to use Linux Ubuntu, b/c everything works, most of the time.

X has been the biggest headache. I venture the guess that my hardware might not be well supported, but I also cross my fingers that it's only the AMD64.

In the meanwhile, I'm on a 800x600 resolution on a 19" monitor, flipping through this, which I w0rd to a lot. Anyways, got to reboot. More later.


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