Will be getting my Dell XPS m1210 next week. I started my shopping by ruling out Dell, b/c it's got a reputation for cheap - so we'll see in a year time. The Toshiba U205 and Lenovo V100 were at the top of my list (being ultra-portables - am unwilling to break my back from carrying it across town every day) instead, but ended up being too expensive at equal performance. The previous laptop we had in the family, my brother's university time IBM ThinkPad a21m, which is close to 7 lbs (the Dell XPS m1210 is still 4.4 lbs, but), is really ultra-solid and lives up to the ThinkPad reputation. I'm looking forward to install Ubuntu with Xgl and Beryl/Compiz.

Coincidentally, Lian Wee is in Malaysia, and also getting himself a laptop. Seems like small is the norm over in Asia. If I check this manufacturer's list of products, more than half of their models are "ultra-portables" by NA standards. My 2kg laptop is such a monster. XD


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