Now that the PS3 and Wii are out, why not get myself a PS2

So, tonight, before heading out to karaoke, I played (watched) 20 minutes of KH2 ('s intro sequence) as well as 20 mins of FFXII (over Alex's shoulder), which looks like such an awesome old-school feel, but super-modern game, with its whole new "dynamic" fighting system, which, with my 1990s references - b/c I skipped the DreamCast/GameCube/PS2/Xbox generation, reminds me most of Xenogears, still one of the games I played and loved the most (it is the longest, and your typical "middle-quality" typical roman-fleuve of a RPG)... Hmm, I was saying that FFXII reminds me the most of the renaissance brought in by FFIX to the FF franchise on the PS. Both these games are set in retro-medieval FF times, the one we departed from in VII, VIII and X. At about $120 the PS2, it becomes tempting not to follow your own judgment, and spend leisure time that one doesn't have (to be spent on getting a life instead, say) on, wut, video games!

In other news, I also tried Alex's new DS Lite. My time was split over the FFIII intro sequence, two surgeries on Trauma Center (man, it's addictive, *and* makes those VG Cats comics make sense), and practicing on cooking Miso on that cooking game whose name evades me at this moment (miso soup - so, cutting green onions, and mixing your soup?). Amazing how the DS evolved gaming into areas noone thought would be playable.


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