Google owns me

I recently allowed Google to index my blog, and some things that I write about place me way up there. The topic of Montreal sushi buffets has me as a Top 10 hit since that post on Odaki last year. It's probably temporary, but my post last week on Dragon Boys also scores pretty high. Obscure HK and Quebec indie bands I write about also score high (and I suppose that scoring highly doesn't guarantee good traffic).


The posts I am the most fond of are the posts about food, Linux how-tos, and the trip to Asia in 2005. It probably makes sense that _good_ contents, the contents that you've researched and integrated, is what would score the highest, just because people trust you and link you in return... The downside is of course that I can't afford my 15Kb of Google fame (bandwidth has been averaging 100Mb for the past week, and I have 1Gb "for free").


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