Ubuntu Edgy to Feisty distribution upgrade

If for some reason, you want to take advantage of improvements made in a newer distribution, you can do so fairly smoothly with Ubuntu. It has happened before, perhaps in the Breezy era, that there would be pieces of (custom?) configuration left behind that clogged the new distro (esthetically, such as residual menu buttons). However, the system still worked, and that was the most important point made.

I am starting off with a fresh install of Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) made in November, with Beryl installed on the side from official repositories. I found instructions to upgrade using the graphical tools, but those didn't work for me (I had "authentication" issues). What I did instead was changing my apt sources, and doing a dist-upgrade:

sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list

Changed all occurrences of "edgy" by "feisty".

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Go for it, wait for the downloading, and the installing, and you're done!


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