Linux goes mainstream

It's now official, Ubuntu is going to be pre-installed on Dell computers. There had been other pro-Linux announcements made by Dell, a couple of months ago, but this time, it will be for desktop computers. I previously installed Debian in 2003, and Ubuntu is by far the easiest to setup, configure and use (simply because there is so little that you have to fiddle with - none, if you're not picky). It offers an entirely integrated desktop experience, which the other distros that I've tried, Fedora Core, Suse and Debian, could not match. I predict that Ubuntu Linux will truly go mainstream once they can get Beryl/Compiz (desktop effects packages) ready out of the box. Ubuntu w/ Beryl is so much more efficient than Windows Vista on the laptop (Dell XPS m1210) that I am using, although it does lack in this super-clean integrated desktop thematic.


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