Fantasia 2007: my picks

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(H) Hall Theatre; (S) JA De Sève; (C) DB Clarke.

Thu Jul 5: Tekkon Kinkreet (H) 7:00PM;

Fri Jul 6: Dog Bite Dog (S) 11:55PM;

Sat Jul 7: Yellow Fellas (C) 5:05PM; The Banquet (H) 6:45PM;

Sun Jul 8: Diary (S) 9:40PM;

Wed Jul 11: After This Our Exile (S) 9:25PM;

Fri Jul 13: The Matrimony (S) 4:40PM;

Sat Jul 14: 13 Beloved (H) 7:00PM; Isabella (S) 9:15PM;

Tue Jul 17: Exiled (H) 7:30PM;

Thu Jul 19: Ghibli et le Mystère Miyazaki + Animania (C) 5PM; Beijing Bubbles (C) 7:20PM;

Fri Jul 20: Hong Kong Noir + In The Mood For Doyle (C) 5PM; Silk (S) 9:25PM;

Sat Jul 21: A Mob Story (C) 5:00PM;

Sun Jul 22: The World Sinks Except Japan (H) 7:40PM;

Mon Jul 23: Retribution (H) 7:30PM;


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