Fantasia 2007: my picks (reviewed after Day -2)

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Couple of news, before the official website even releases them...
- A Mob Story and Dead Air (not on site anymore, but still in the programme), both slated for Saturday, July 21st, were canceled, according to a poster, as seen in the background of this random picture of Daniel plus fan. (While this is surely impossible b/c of royalties, I hope that they can replace with a HK movie like Ming Ming, which has an extraordinary score loaded with artists from HK alternative label People Mountain People Sea, such as Pixeltoy and at17.)
- Yellow Fellas is the only free movie of the festival, on a first-come first-served basis (YouTube trailer). Added coolness, we bumped into the director, Tetsuro Shigematsu, while waiting in line, and he confirmed the oddity of the free screening.

Friends' Fantasia list:
- petronia

Now, the following is the actual tickets lineup and numbers between square brackets were the number of tickets already sold Tuesday July 3rd (first day tickets go on sale) at 7:30PM, time we bought our ticks at, according to that seemingly-but-not-random number on ticket, to give you an idea of the affluence to certain movies.

Capacity of theatres: (H) Hall Theatre: 720 seats; (C) DB Clarke: 380 seats; (S) J.A. De Sève: 173 seats. Source: Fantasia 2003 + Concordia.

Thu Jul 5: Tekkon Kinkreet (H) 7:00PM [320];

Fri Jul 6: Dog Bite Dog (S) 11:55PM [20];

Sat Jul 7: Yellow Fellas (C) 5:05PM (free - no ticks available); The Banquet (H) 6:45PM [137];

Sun Jul 8: Diary (S) 9:40PM [38];

Wed Jul 11: After This Our Exile (S) 9:25PM [23];

Fri Jul 13: The Matrimony (S) 4:40PM [17];

Sat Jul 14: 13 Beloved (H) 7:00PM [210]; Isabella (S) 9:15PM [30];

Tue Jul 17: Exiled (H) 7:30PM [79];

Thu Jul 19: Beijing Bubbles (C) 7:20PM [38];

Fri Jul 20: Hong Kong Noir + In The Mood For Doyle (C) 5PM [18]; Silk (S) 9:25PM [53];

Sun Jul 22: The World Sinks Except Japan (H) 7:40PM [149]; Yobi the Five-Tail Fox (H) 12:00PM [112].


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