Premiere of Jean (Leloup) Leclerc's Ice Cream at the Nouveau Cinéma Festival

The first feature film by Jean Leclerc (formerly known as Jean Leloup) was shown at the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma tonight in premiere, but also as the premiere of the Temps Zéro section (as said in the press release and by Claude Chamberland tonight in the clip, but not in the actual program). A lot of beet juice was used during the shooting of this movie, which seems to have been entirely done in Vietnam. Some of Jean Leloup's pieces from La Vallée des Reputations were played on the van that took us back from our mini-trip back from Dalat, when I visited my aunt, uncle and cousin in Saigon back in May 2005. "Je suis parti", at that time, seemed to fit my mood completely, as I called Hong Kong home, and swirled across East Asia...

And Sunny took pics that I would not have managed to take...

Jean Deadwolf Leclerc at Ex-Centris


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