Expozine 2007 + etc

Expozine 2007

Have not blogged in half a week, but I doing it here to publicize Expozine, a small press, comic and zine fair. It is going to be at the Église Saint-Enfant-Jésus, on the corner of Laurier and St-Dominique. Will be there to help man the Spacing Montreal kiosk.

Unrelatedly, but not quite so, I was very tempted to buy this month's Urbania, a really cool hipster magazine. Radio-Canadian Émilie Dubreuil wrote an article criticizing life in Montreal without knowing French. It is bizarre, but such is the reality of hipster ghetto, the Plateau (ironic). There are those trying, and those not trying too much. For some reason, many friends/acquaintances who don't speak much French all very much like Jean Leloup and Ariane Moffatt (who are two of my fave local artists - even have the latter's "L'autre Gala de l'ADISQ" poster, w/ an excellent pic by John Londono).

Ok, I'm going for a walk to the supermarket, munching on a bar of dark chocolate bar.




DeWolf said:

Émilie Dubreuil's article really pissed me off. She comes across as very smug and condescending. I know plenty of Mile End anglos who don't speak much French, but none of them have the contemptuous attitude she describes in her article, and all of them are making efforts to learn French. They didn't need some self-righteous know-it-all to tell them to do so.

It's also quite insulting to all of us Mile End anglos who speak French well...

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