Stars in Montreal on December 1st, 2007 at Le National


A fabulous concert by Montreal's very own Stars (I am almost sure that they live like a couple of blocks from here), which, I did not know, were marking the end of their three-month long North American "In Our Bedroom after the War" tour. It also had the longest encore that I ever witnessed, with five songs! I bought a poster of tonight's show at the very end of the evening (a first very cold one in Montreal this season), and had the young lady performing the pre-show, Jade McNelis, autograph it (who unfortunately got her name on it teared apart in the poster as "MacNells").

Your Ex-Lover is Dead:

Stars in Montreal on December 1st 2007 at Le National (1 of 2)

Stars in Montreal on December 1st 2007 at Le National (1 of 2)

Le National

The show's poster is by a print collective called Iskra, based in Burlington, Vermont.


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