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We Wish You An Indie X'mas

Chinese indie really has me... This is apparently a whole sampler (https://www.harbourrecords.com/we_wish_you_an_indie_xmas.zip) put together by Hong Kong-based Harbour Records for last Christmas.

Update 2008-09-01: The link and playlist can no longer be found on Harbour Records' site, but the file is still there, and here is the playlist in Traditional Chinese:

01. A Company - Ferry, Bus and the Lorry
02. 22cats - waiting (demo)
03. the marshmallow kisses - a-la-pa-ti's demo
04. The Lee's - Wall of sound (War is over)
05. The Yours - Fat Is Selfish
06. my little airport -悲傷的採購(digilick remix)
07. mankitako -紀念冊
09. The Fragile - The First Day I Believe There Is An Angel
10. too long without sex -聖誕半裸派對
11. false alarm - so come home (too long without sex part 2)
12. Superday -限量之一枚
13. Relax pose (aka Lawwaiyip) -沒有目的的旅程
14. Alok - We Still Miss The Future (HK Version)
15. Hard Candy - Please lie to me, I don't mind
17. Butterwings - Although We Know
19. Elf Fatima - Party In A Cave
20. Wilson Tsang - Whale Song: Departure



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