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Fruits & vegetable for the week

After going on an (expensive) cheese-buying spree on Saturday (at Costco, no less), I completed my groceries at the week at P.A. Supermarché on Parc. I already have relatively vasts amounts of meat in the freezer, that I have not been using, because I don't have the vegetable for accompanying. So, I went and filled my basket with only fruits and vegetable! Except for that pack of German rye flour crackers, this is what I got (most of which was on special - by how much, I dunno):

  • Bananas (~1kg): $1.26
  • Wasa Crackers: $2.39
  • Zucchini (3): $0.95
  • Organic cauliflower (1): $1.69
  • Yukon potatoes (5lbs): $1.99
  • Sunkist oranges (8): $1.20
  • Green pepper (1): $0.36
  • Bluberries (1/2 pint): $1.69
  • Red pepper (1): $0.41
  • Italian tomatoes (4): $1.12

Total: $13.06

That's enough plants for the whole week, I think...


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