The Cheer Chen shrine in Causeway Bay

Cedric + Cheer

Not exactly a shrine, but relatively speaking, you could find, in this small records shop called 3PM, in Causeway bay, that probably held item by Cheer Chen, and a lot of different artists who you would like if you are a fan of hers. Man, isn't it great to be able to find all your niche items you've ever dreamt of?

That Monday night, I met up with the Chris/Laine, Tiffany, and Mirek, and went to a chain restaurant called Red Ant. Then, picked up a dessert drink (pomelo + mango) and a couple of drinks at some expat bar behind the Lee Gardens in Tung Lo Wan.

Yesterday was shopping day, as I got my electronics essentials (mobile phone + voice recorder), and clothing from UniQlo, where clerks greet you constantly with "foon ying, kwong lin" and random souvenirs from Goods of Desire. where clerks are dressed as monks.

Today? Preparing mentally for a trip to Taiwan, calling up people and going to Sheung Wan.


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