The Taiwanese Larry King

The Taiwanese Larry King

Time to poke fun at foreign stuff... I came across this on TV this morning. TV in Taiwan is trashy to the max. 100-something channels for all your trashy needs, including trash political talking...

(Edit: we found out that his name is Lee Tao, and is very famous in Taiwan, on the TVBS satellite television channel.)

I arrived in Kenting yesterday night. All the potential worries, about tickets that I ordered on the web, transportation, have been solved relatively easily. I should write a post about it later, so that it may benefit English-speakers... Frankly, I am amazed that my very very poor Mandarin is sort of enough in order not to starve.

Later today, I will bike to Spring Scream in Eluanbi later today, and catch the Deserts Chang and Faith Yang gigs.

I interviewed Duggar, the owner of the hostel where I stayed at. See Comme les Chinois later this week. He's this cool American from Hawaii, crazy about Hawaii (see their website) who has been in Kenting for around fifteen years, working in the hotel industry.

This vacation is like work. But fun work, at least.


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