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Seen at the Fantasia festival 2008 preview at brasserie St-Ambroise, quartier St-Henri.

Fantasia 2008: press release

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It's this time of the year again... Earlier than other years, by a week or two, I think. Here is the English version of the press release for the Asian programming of the festival, directed by Mi-Jeong Lee.


July 3-21, 2008



Asian Fever is about to rock Montrealers!

The Fantasia International Film Festival presents a huge variety of Asian feature films in 2008, over 70 in fact, from China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. They are nothing less than outstanding, groundbreaking, hilarious, and emotionally gripping!

Since its inception in 1996, Fantasia has provided a unique opportunity for the mainstream and the underground filmgoers alike to share the experience of Asia's action, fantasy, martial arts, horror, historical epic, surrealist hybrid and guerrilla films. Since then, Fantasia's success and reputation have snowballed to become internationally recognized and acclaimed as having a wildly diverse sense of what Asian cinema is and has the potential to be.

The original, peculiar cultural flavor and cinematic qualities of Asian films has not been lost on Hollywood. Asian films are considered to be the hottest films on the world market today. Their inventiveness, authentic humor and surprising cultural perspectives, combined with their outstanding aesthetic accomplishments, are copied but never duplicated.

At Fantasia 2008, new works will be screened by such internationally acclaimed directors as Japan's Takashi Miike (SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO) and Hideo Nakata (L: CHANGE THE WORLD); Hong Kong's Johnnie To (MAD DETECTIVE, SPARROW, TRIANGLE) and Oxide Pang (THE DETECTIVE); and South Korea's Kwak Kyung-taek (A LOVE). Also, not to be missed are the ambitious, fresh and entertaining debut films of first-time directors, such as those from that current hotspot of Asian film production, South Korea. Film enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the many debut films from directors such as Yang Hea-hoon (WHO'S THAT KNOCKING AT MY DOOR?), Kim Mee-jung (SHADOWS IN THE PALACE), Ra Hee-chan (GOING BY THE BOOK) and Lee Kyoo-man (WIDE AWAKE). Watch also for the Hong Kong upstart Derek Kwok (THE PYE-DOG).

The splendid line-up of invited guests is getting longer as the opening of Fantasia 2008 approaches. Hong Kong's Kung Fu icon, Gordon Liu, will grace Fantasia with his presence during the opening weekend as he presents a restored 35mm ShawScope print of the Shaw Brothers classic DISCIPLES OF 36TH CHAMBER. The Japanese actress Eihi Shiina, star of Miike's infamous Audition, will be in Montreal with her new film, TOKYO GORE POLICE, along with the film's director, Yoshihiro Nishimura. The Japanese actor, director and action choreographer Tak Sakaguchi will also be in Montreal, to present in person his film BE A MAN! SAMURAI SCHOOL. Moreover, Thai directors Banjong Pisanthanakun, Parkpoom Wongpoom, Yongyoot Thongkongtoon and Gunn Purijitpanya will also be in town for the screening of their omnibus films 4BIA. Banjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoom Wongpoom will also be pleased to present their film ALONE.

From among the most renowned Asian film industry professionals, we highlight two guests from CJ Entertainment (CJ): Kini Seong-Eun Kim, Vice-President of International Sales and Heejeon Kim, Director for Festivals will attend the festival. CJ is the largest production and distribution company in Korea, with an enviable international reputation in managing Asian Cinema. CJ will seek for opportunities for Canadian marketing development while presenting SHADOW IN THE PALACE, and five other films at Fantasia 2008.

Fantasia, a pioneering festival in the world of Asian genre film, is ready to meet its audience! Through this cinematic adventure, Montrealers will discover a wide range of films grouped according to themes for greater access than ever before, such as Singular Successes, Converging Visions, Uncanny Investigators, Leading Ladies of Asia, From Mangas to Movies, First Films from Korea and Strange Loves. We also highlight the Nikkatsu Action Film spotlight, and a variety of loose films that simply demand to be noticed!

Enjoy the Festival!

Mi-Jeong Lee

Director, Asian Programming

A little bit of self-love...

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Ma première photo sur Radio-Canada.ca!

It turned out that a photo that I submitted (along with a few others) to the Radio-Canada.ca news team had been published after all. On Boxing Day, I went around town in search of photo opportunity with my then-new wide-angle lens for my Canon S3, and sent them to the Internet news table. I never heard from them, but a simple Google search on Radio-Canada.ca tells me that one of my less-good pictures was used! (link)

If things move along well, my pics might be seen on the Olympics website, come the complete site launch in August. Okay, for now, here's another recent page (Zone Jeunesse) on the domain that is using one of my very old photos - from 2002.

En direct sur RCI!

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Je fais une courte apparition demain jeudi vers 13:45 EDT, sur l'émission en français de Radio-Canada International, pour parler de mon blogue et ce que c'est d'être chinois-canadien à Montréal.

Tomorrow, Thursday, I am making a short appearance at around 1:45 PM EDT, on RCI's French-language show, to talk about my blog and what it is to be Chinese-Canadian in Montreal.

Tam-Tam / 2008-06-19 (go to approx 35th minute)

Apartment hunting!

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The current apartment is great, but alas belongs to a university professor returning from sabbatical. We have to move out, and I am looking for a new place! I am potentially looking for roommates, and not exactly certain where it would be. 400 to 600 is the monthly range that I am looking for...

En souvenir du 12 mai / 纪念5.12

This Saturday, June 7th, for the entire day, special activities will be held in Chinatown in memory of the victims of the earthquake that shook the Chinese province of Sichuan. The walk will start in Sun Yat-sen park shortly before 4PM, and will march on Boulevard René-Lévesque, up to McGill Street, and then head back to Chinatown through Old Montreal. A commemoration will then happen in the evening from 7PM to 9PM at Sun Yat-sen Park.

Press release (French / English)


Toute la journée, ce samedi 7 juin, auront lieu au Quartier Chinois de Montréal des activités spéciales à la mémoire des victimes du séisme qui secoua la province chinoise du Sichuan, le mois dernier. Le groupe de marcheurs quittera le Parc Sun Yat-sen peu avant 16h, pour se diriger sur le Boulevard René-Lévesque, jusqu'à la Rue McGill, en revenant par le Vieux-Montréal vers le Quartier Chinois. Une commémoration se déroulera ensuite en soirée, de 19h à 21h au Parc Sun Yat-sen.

Communiqué de presse (Français / Anglais)

Crossposted from Comme les Chinois

I've got new glasses

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New glasses

Since getting my new glasses this morning, everything seems clearer. I've been wearing scratched up glasses for at least the past month. I presume that something went awry after wiping my previous pair with the edge of my t-shirt when I was in Beijing, perhaps with sand sticking on it. It's covered by the company's insurance, so it's all good. The frame is rimless below the lenses and the sides are in plastic.

Everything is sharper now. My pictures even look more beautiful than I thought!

Stanley Cup: not tonight!

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Ducksie hoisting the Stanley Cup

It was by chance that I started watching the game. Thinking that the Penguins would fold like the Senators did against the Ducks last year (I am reusing pictures here) in Game 5, I was surprised to see that after one period, the Pens had a 2-0 lead! So, I watched the rest of the game. The Red Wings scored three straight, looked like they would be hoisting the Stanley Cup tonight in Detroit, but Maxime Talbot got the equalizer with 35 seconds to go. Marc-André Fleury blocked the rest during the almost-three periods of overtime (and most of the time, it seemed like a matter of time before the Wings would score), and the Penguins finally got the last one on the power play in to setup the matchup for Game 6 in Pittsburgh.

See, that is exactly why I am really a Canadian! (And Quebecer, given their particular contribution to this game.)

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