Stanley Cup: not tonight!

Ducksie hoisting the Stanley Cup

It was by chance that I started watching the game. Thinking that the Penguins would fold like the Senators did against the Ducks last year (I am reusing pictures here) in Game 5, I was surprised to see that after one period, the Pens had a 2-0 lead! So, I watched the rest of the game. The Red Wings scored three straight, looked like they would be hoisting the Stanley Cup tonight in Detroit, but Maxime Talbot got the equalizer with 35 seconds to go. Marc-André Fleury blocked the rest during the almost-three periods of overtime (and most of the time, it seemed like a matter of time before the Wings would score), and the Penguins finally got the last one on the power play in to setup the matchup for Game 6 in Pittsburgh.

See, that is exactly why I am really a Canadian! (And Quebecer, given their particular contribution to this game.)


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