Comme les Chinois preview: ESWN's Roland Soong

Roland Soong

In early May, I got the chance to meet EastSouthWestNorth's Roland Soong in Hong Kong, someone who I find plays an immensely important role in transferring the information generated in Chinese-speaking territories to a non-Chinese-speaking audience. I've transcribed three interviews in a week and a half. Maybe I can do a fourth one for next week (but this one is twice as long as the three previous combined). So, I suppose that I can announce that this interview should be published on Comme les Chinois at some point in the next two weeks.

In the meanwhile, I invite you to check out the equally interesting interviews that I did on my trip, with Tiffany Wong, Duggar Parrish, Joe Kan, Terry Chan, Raymond Walintukan and Edmond Hung, Patricia Li, Lee Clow, and Fiona Lee. Two more, with Ashley Wong and Derrick Chang, will follow.

After celebrating just six months of existence, this interview with Mr Soong would be my 17th interview on CLC.

The highest peak in nb of visitors was attained on May 12th (I remember it, b/c it was the same day that the Sichuan earthquake hit) when Radio-Canada linked to an entry on my blog, not about the earthquake, but about my realization that was once again behind the Great Firewall (I was returning from Hong Kong on May 10th).


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