Culture en Péril (with subs)

I've been following the elections - yes, the federal elections in Canada. Wrt cuts in culture, the whole media/culture is raising their arms up in the air. But I can't believe that the Conservatives are doing it w/o paying attention to public opinion. So, will they really get away with it? I have the impression that they might. Just like how they managed to demonize the Liberals' Green Shift. Tough and populist - that's how at least you win a part of the electorate!

This is an interesting involvement of well-known Quebec artists in viral marketing (of themselves, ultimately). Less than three days after it was released, the original video gathered 235,000 views (the entire Quebec population is about 7.5 million), and whose channel is now #3 most subscribed to this week! But it pokes fun at anglos, in a way that would be scandalous if anglos portrayed francophones in a similar way.


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