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A hilarious skit by Saturday Night Live on the use of the multi-touch screen/wall by American networks for the upcoming election. We in Canada cannot afford multi-touch screens, so do what we can with regular single-touch ones. Go to 5:30 of the video for the part where Fred "uses" the screen.

The program that generates Canadian elections maps for Google Earth was used on Radio-Canada Television (CBC's French equivalent). Michel C. Auger, our top political analyst at R-C, did a demonstration using a before and after map of the Toronto Greater Area, where the Conservatives took a large number of seats during the past election.

Also, results are up on my web version:

Depuis quand le NPD a 100% de la députation en Alberta?

Cette application Flash est très complète, et contient toute l'info socio-économique par circonscription (c'est de l'info que n'importe qui peut obtenir en CSV de Stats Can). Mais alors qqu a fait une bourde en programmant les données, et qqu d'autre n'a pas vérifié la livraison... Regardez de plus près: tous les députés albertains sont orange?

star candidates

The Archives de Radio-Canada team in Montreal, in one of its many web hits, found old footage of several star candidates of the coming federal election from across the country. Enjoy watching NDP's Thomas Mulcair, Whig's Michael Ignatieff (as an author and "Count Ignatieff"), Justin Trudeau (in cegep), and Bob Rae (then a provincial NDP), the Bloc's Vivian Barbot (name mangled by R-C) and Serge Menard, the Tories' JP Blackburn, and even the Greens' Gary Caldwell (going on food show L'epicerie, no less) as they were in the late 80s, 90s, or even the 60s!

buzzz.tv prise deux

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layton et buzzz.tv vers 15 minutes

buzzz.tv +20 mins (English debate)

Hey, I finally get to use buzzz.tv on the Canadian party leaders' debate. Harper's getting gang-banged again. He sounds very patronizing by calling every other leader by their first name while they in turn keep calling him Mr. Harper. The host is nothing as good as Stéphan Bureau.

(Hey, it's like Elizabeth May is defending Stéphane Dion!)

Île de Montréal / Élections fédérales canadiennes 2008 sur Google Earth

Update (2011-10-11) - The 2011 edition of my electoral maps is out! I also open-sourced the scripts used to generate the KMLs (although not the same scripts used in 2008-09).


Update (2009-01-18) - Check out my newest project at https://earth.smurfmatic.net/canada2008/polls/. It lets you navigate between ridings, but most importantly gives you results at the poll division level, using new geographic data released earlier this year. (See this post for more details)

Interactive map here:

Une version de cette carte a été utilisée à Radio-Canada lors de la soirée électorale. / A version of this map was used on Radio-Canada Television during election night. (link)

Buzzz.tv -6min

On a beaucoup parlé de Buzzz.tv, dans les derniers jours. Mais quoi, y'a juste 663 participants à six minutes du débat? Pis il est 20h maintenant, et on est 721... J'espère que ça plantera pas!

Mise à jour: bon, finalement, y'a eu trop de monde...

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