Black bean spare ribs

Black bean spareribs

It's a little weird that I did not post for over a month on Smurfmatic. But here it is, this is my latest food obsession: black bean spare ribs. The result is unfortunately a little too "nong", so I hope that when I eat it tomorrow, the soft tofu that I will add will make the taste a little thinner.

It's a pretty simple recipe to make. Check here for the ingredients:

The Lee Kum Kee black bean sauce is the main ingredient. You should add something sweet to compensate for the overly salty taste of the sauce. This can be done with brown sugar, honey, just plain sugar or oyster sauce (which is what I did). In fact, my mother called me as I was making it to suggest that I add the latter. Sesame oil and rice wine can be added to the mix. Chopped chili peppers is optional if you like it spicy.

I first fried a little bit of minced garlic (it was not really necessary with the sauce containing garlic already) and a few large pieces of ginger. Then I added the pre-marinated bundle of ribs. I fry/mix and left it to simmer for an hour. I'll then let it cool overnight, store it in the fridge next morning, and have it for dinner tomorrow. =) I will beforehand add tofu and a few strips of scallions.

LKK Black bean garlic sauce


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