How to update your Android emulator's position with an external GPS

Assuming that you have an Android emulator running, and listening at the default port (5554). First, you need a script called that gets the GPGGA line from gpsd running at its usual port. gpspipe attaches to gpsd and we get the line we want, put it in a file:

# get nmea from device

FOO="geo nmea `gpspipe -r -n 10 | grep "GPGGA" | tail -n 1`"
echo ${FOO}
echo ${FOO} > ${HOME}/geo.nmea

Then, second code calls telnet and sends it the contents of the file with the "geo nmea " line:

# simulate sending gps info to android emulator

exec telnet 5554 < ${HOME}/geo.nmea > /dev/null &> /dev/null

You could loop it to make refresh the positioning as you walk around with your GPS.



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