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Let's go back to 2005, on my second stay in HK, and the longest (for about four months)...

When I miss home, I go to City Super. One time, I went home with three pieces of swordfish to cook for my "adoptive" family, which set me back for around 120HKD (20CAD). The time before, I craved for food we didn't even have at home, the U-shaped French saucisse sèche (80HKD/12CAD) (and with it, a freshly baked baguette (15-20HKD/2-3CAD)). Which is fine, because the saucisse lasted for a whole month (which never happens at home), and the baguette almost as good as the one we get in Canada.

Now, I've done it again. Tonight, went crazy at City'Super, and got myself a French saucisson (HKD$90), a baguette (HKD$20) and olive oil (HKD$80 for 250mL - Australian, no less). [The exchange rate is roughly HKD$7.5 for each Canadian dollar). I also got a small stick of Danish butter (200g) for around HKD$35, which makes it twice as expensive as it would in Canada...

In photos:

Saucisson français (à HK)

Australian olive oil

Lurpak Danish Butter

These are the things you can get in a truly international city (or in a city that can sustain a fancy place such as city'super). Mind you, I'm going back to forced-vegetarian menu of noodles with Chinese veggies or plain rice with soy sauce for the rest of the week...

I also got pasta. So yes, no-meat, no-cheese (but yes-olive oil) garlic linguine, here I come...

And in the weird packaging ploys category, low-sodium sea salt:

Low-sodium sea salt, lol

IKEA in Hong Kong

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IKEA Hong Kong (Causeway Bay)

IKEA Hong Kong (Causeway Bay)

IKEA in Hong Kong is as you would expect anywhere else in the world, except that it does not have a warehouse, is more compact and completely subterranean.

One of the IKEA stores in Hong Kong is located in the commercial area of Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island. You find familiar items such as the IKEA food (hot dogs + cinnamon rolls), those vanilla-perfumed cartridge candles and Poang chairs.


Linux rebooting on CO99 to HKG

It can be a little unsettling when you see rows of text scrolling down the screen in front of you when sitting in an airplane. That happened twice during my flight to Hong Kong yesterday, as the captain needed to reboot the server running the touch-screen system controlling on-board entertainment and flight status.

I'm not so surprised that they use Linux. It's pretty nice to see the text cascading across the screen -- I'm getting perhaps a strong sense of familiarity.

Flying off from Newark

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