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In Montreal (like in any other Canadian town really) Ice Hockey is a religion. What's different about our city is that the team - the Montreal Canadiens - won 24 league championships, more than any other major professional sports team in North America (the World?). The name "Canadiens" is of course derived from the name of Canada's inhabitants, but 40-50 years ago, "Canadiens" was used to designate Canadians of French descendence, France being the first European power to occupy this land (and then the English came in 1759, the Americans did their revolution-thingy in 1776, and Canada became Canada in 1876. Etc. But to go back to sport ->).

It was thought I would show a photograph of my house made white and fluffy by the sudden downfall of wet wet snow (the temperature was most mild today - 1 or 2 above Celsius), but also came today the expected fall of the 2004-05 ice hockey season. The picture shows the entrance to the Bell Centre (Bell being the most important telecom in Canada), where the Montreal Canadiens play their local games, and also a major show venue in Montreal.


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